Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My first attempt with GIT

Tonight I decided to get started with GIT. I’m comfortable with SVN and I have read enough about GIT to at least understand the concept of how it works. What I wasn’t ready for was the command line. I’m spoiled by VisualSVN and it mouse click happy UI.
But, I’m pleased to say, that after some reading and few minutes debugging my configs I was able to push my first commit to github. Nothing exciting, just a simple README file.
What I did notice was the lighting fast speed in which the commit was pushed. Everything I read said GIT is faster, but man that was amazing!
I could repost all the commands I used, but that would be repetitive with so many other “getting started” guides out there.  Where I made a mistake was defining the local and remote repositories. locally the repository was stored in myfirstgitrepo while the remote was named My-First-Repo. When adding the remote location I first named it myfirstgitrepo. Which was incorrect, that’s the local directory.
To resolve this I had to remove the existing remote connection with git remote rm origin. Then I could add the connection using My-First-Repo. Then a simple git push origin master. Ta-Da! Simple yes, but first steps are usually small.

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